Is V-remote ready for iOS 11?

Yes!   V-remote has always been a 64 bit application, and the list of compatible iPad models represents only those with 64 bit architecture.

"Loading Console Window" / "Loading Console Configuration" messages repeating endlessly

A very small number of users have reported this issue where the messages "Loading Console Window" and "Loading Console Configuration" endlessly alternate after the connection has been established and are not able to continue. This happens when using a console with ECx 2.0 installed. Updating to ECx 3.0 will make this problem go away.

There are many original VENUE installer discs that have ECx 2.0 on them. ECx needs to be reinstalled after any system update, and is often done using the discs without conscious consideration of the ECx version number. If, for example, you are touring and hiring consoles as you go, it may be judicious to carry a USB drive with ECx 3.0 on it - just in case!

This issue does not apply to the S3L which uses ECx 4.0.

To install or update ECx to version 3.0 ...
  • Download VENUE_ECx_3.0_USB from the Avid website, or you can use this link.
  • Copy the entire folder named   ECx Ethernet Control Software   to the root level of a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive into an available USB port on the console.
  • Navigate to the OPTIONS > SYSTEM page.
  • Put the console into CONFIG mode.
  • Click UPDATE and follow the instructions. If more than one VENUE installer exists on the USB drive, make sure you select the ECx installer.

This installation will not affect the VENUE system software (which ideally should be

Compatibility with ECx 2.0 will hopefully be added to V-remote in the very near future so this problem no longer exists.